Who am I? Why am I here? What's my role? What's happening with the world? Why don't I fit in?

If you or someone you know are asking these questions, you may be an Indigo or Crystal child or adult or a Rainbow child.

Through Indigo Window, Andrée provides a safe space for you to understand who you are and feel accepted. You will experience the freedom to ask questions without judgment in an environment of love and light. With her guidance you will gain clarity, find healing, and know your wisdom.
How did Andrée become a guide for the new wave of souls coming here?
Although Andrée was quite intuitive most of her life, and often received messages and important insights from childhood on, her 1995 car accident and near-death experience was pivotal. Following the accident and subsequent out of body experiences, Andrée began to exhibit a connection to the other side, a knowing about our true nature and the natural order of things.
It has become her intention to make certain that no life's mission be stilted nor obstructed. She believes all will benefit if we can know and connect to our own individual calling. She is also certain that once we know what we came here to accomplish, we will naturally step onto the path of our hearts' greatest desire and fulfill our souls' mission with compassion and love for all humanity.
Andrée has known many of these special souls along her path, some are friends, some started out as clients and became friends and some are family members.
She has helped them to understand who they are and has subsequently helped to bring peace and purpose to their lives.
They are the ones who insisted Andrée create this site to offer the same support to the many others like themselves who are in search of answers and who will benefit from the gifts Andrée has to offer.
They tell her timing is of the utmost importance right now.


Why You Volunteered to Come

Waves of light and energy, washing over the Earth, bring life, sustenance, mystery and possibility to nourish our planet in myriad ways. Since the destruction of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima there have been 3 waves of very special souls incarnating on this planet.

You are the souls who volunteered to help this planet. You have come to earth in 3 waves. The 1st wave came immediately and you are now in your late 40's and 50's. Those of you who came in the 2nd wave are in your late 20's and 30's and those of you who came in the 3rd wave are in your teens. You are pure beings of light who believed it was very important to come here to help us to avert potential planetary disaster. Your presence alone is helping us to ascend to a higher consciousness and ultimately to a higher dimension.

We are in need of your help. It has been difficult for us as a race to ascend to a higher consciousness because we have been stuck on the wheel of Karma - Karma coupled with this dense plane of existence has been keeping us bogged down, repeating the same actions and getting the same results - consequently keeping us from progressing, keeping us from raising our consciousness.

Many of you volunteers have been affected by the density and the low vibrating energy of this planet and are having adverse physical and emotional affects. Many of you have no memory of why you are here and what you have come to accomplish.

Indigo Window is a website where you can come for answers and guidance.

Once you are reminded of who you are and why you came, you will be able to step into the roles you so selflessly came here to play; helping us to raise our consciousness and for consciousness to at last know itself here on earth.

This is the "Shift" we have all been hearing so much about.

It has already begun. It Began with You.

December 22, 2012 marks the first day of this new era.


You were drawn here but don't know why.

You feel more than vaguely uncomfortable... so much so you are thinking of leaving or finding a way out.

Your curiosity holds you here, and you don't know why. You know you have a purpose - one much bigger than yourself.

It's on the tip of your tongue yet you can't seem to remember what drew you here.

Why can't anyone else see what you see so clearly? Is everyone asleep?

Know this - you are not alone. There are many just like you.

You do have a purpose - A BIG ONE.

There is a reason you are here. You felt so compelled, so certain, that you volunteered.

What you didn't count on was losing your memory as to why you came.

It's time you remember who you really are. You are needed. Now.

Indigos, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, you have many names and one sole (soul) purpose - to help us get off the wheel of Karma and ascend to a higher vibrating dimension. Once there we will wake up and remember who we really are. We will know we were never alone, never separate. We will remember we are all connected and quite perfect as we are. We will know it was fear that made us forget and it is fear that will disappear and be forgotten. Forever. Freeing us to be who we really are.


indigo window guidance

There is a reason you are here.

If I were to say to you what is real is only a matter of perception would it give you new hope? Your pain, your confusion and your disappointment are only temporary until your perception shifts. Your perception will shift once you remember who you really are and why you are here. With a shift in perception supported by clarity, understanding, validation and wisdom, you will take your true place in this world and move forward purposefully, embracing what you came here to accomplish.

What can a conversation with Andrée help you accomplish?

HEALING - A conversation with Andrée about the true nature of your journey here.

CLARITY - Make sense of all that you currently find confusing, disappointing and painful.

UNDERSTANDING - Connect the dots by helping you remember who you really are and why you chose to come here.

VALIDATION - Help you to fulfill your soul's purpose by elevating the vibration of this planet and making it possible for us to ascend to the next level of our development.

WISDOM - You came here as a volunteer to do great things for humanity. You believed in us enough to take this journey to come here.
Once on your true path you will be EMPOWERED and ON PURPOSE
You will help humanity remember:
  • Who We Really Are
  • We Are Capable of Miraculous Things
  • We Are Not Alone - In Fact, We Are All Connected
  • FEAR Is Only an Illusion Keeping Us Separate
    and Disconnected From Our True Miraculous Nature


We all want to know the purpose of our lives and what we came here to do

We long to know for certain that we are on our true path.

Within each of us is a knowing, knowing of things much greater than ourselves that we long to connect with. We want certainty that we are doing all we can to live our lives to the fullest.

How can we connect to this knowing to get the answers we seek?

In the deepest trance state possible, the somnambulistic trance you can bypass your conscious mind, have it step aside and allow you to connect to your Higher Self, the self that has known you for all eternity and who is connected to all that is. It is here you will find the answers you seek.

Andrée combines her personal gifts and experiences with comprehensive training from one of the planet's leading hypnotists and regressive therapists Dolores Cannon.

Andrée is recognized as a dedicated practitioner within the Dolores Cannon community. She has trained directly with Dolores Cannon and is fully certified in this training.

She practices Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, also known as QHHT, in the Boston, North of Boston and in Southern New Hampshire areas. Sessions are in person and take 4 to 5 hours per session.

QHHT HYNOSIS for the answers you seek


Schedule a Coaching Session with Andrée

$85 ~ One hour long telephone conversation with Andrée

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Session

$375 ~ 4-5 hour long (In-person) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique therapy session with Andrée
"My session with Andrée provided a peaceful transformation from life-long fear and shame." - Leslie S.
To schedule a session send an email to Andrée
Andrée will email you back with 3 possible dates and times.

Once scheduled, Andrée will send you a PayPal invoice.
Please note: Payment is due 3 days prior to your session.

Thank you. Andrée looks forward to talking with you.


"Andrée's gentle and loving guidance allowed me to imagine and hear a part of myself I have not known before! As a result, I continue to open my awareness to the thread that runs all the way through my almost 74 years as Linda! From this new place, finally acknowledged, I step more confidently and fully into the various art forms I use to express the essence of life. Filled with lots of color, light, uplift, and harmony they all add up to equal BEAUTY, I now use my art to embrace the viewer with a feeling of LOVE! What a gift I have been given! Thank you Andrée!"
- Linda D.
"My session provided a peaceful transformation from life-long fear and shame."
- Leslie S.
"Thank you for helping my daughter. This is the first time I've seen her smile in a very long time. She is more comfortable with herself than ever before. She now has the tools and can help herself."
- Jane M.
"Andrée was integral in the development of my psychic gift, my comfort with my intuition and my general understanding of ME. Before I could do anything with my gifts and senses, I needed to understand who I was, feel accepted and have the freedom to ask questions, get clarity, make mistakes and play. Andrée allowed me to do that, without judgment and with plenty of love and light. I wouldn't be ME without HER."
- Katie B.


The Indigo Window Movies

We are providing two experiences of the Indigo Window movie, one with words and one without.

The version with words provides a right brain and left brain engagement and becomes a guided journey with a message, both relaxing and informational.

Movie with Words

The version without words addresses the intuitive right brain, allowing you to disconnect from the logical mind and go where only you can go-your own personal meditative journey. Use this when you want to recharge.

Movie without Words

Indigo Window commissioned the creative team at Colors in Motion in the creation of this movie.

To learn more about the vast resource of talent, creativity and innovation they offer, click on this link to go to their website Colors in Motion. Once there you can select from an array of additional meditative experiences - the Colors in Motion hallmark.

Colors In Motion creates dynamic digital art that changes peoples' moods in public spaces. In a world of constant visual and audio assault, Colors In Motion provides a welcome respite to the sensory overload that we experience all too often. We believe that less stimulation and more calm opens receptivity.

Designed for architects, planners, designers and developers seeking to incorporate digital media thoughtfully into their work, Colors In Motion new media compositions greatly enhance interior and exterior public space and engage audiences while calming the body, mind and soul. Colors In Motion compositions are sourced from original works created by teams of professional artists (painters, composers, dancers, poets, photographers, sculptors, and others), all with years of experience working directly with clients to deliver breathtaking works of art tailored specifically to desires of the customer and the needs of their public spaces.